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The ocean needs YOU now more than ever before! Please join me on a journey upstream from Newark, NJ, to Chicago, Il, this summer (’15). Together with a variety of conservation groups and individuals, this project of Blue Frontier hopes to make a big stink for our watersheds, rivers, bays, and ocean. Please visit https://paddle4blue.wordpress.com for updates.


Due to the migratory/nomadic nature of these paddles and that every year there seems to be a different “ocean related” paddle along a different coastline or river bank, I’m setting up another website. Eventually, it will be my only website. Please visit paddle4blue for the latest info about what I’m up to that’s related to the ocean […]

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The holidays are upon us, along with all the craziness that comes with it. Our overburdened schedules become even more crazily busy and hectic, and forget about it if any type of calamity should occur that’s out of the ordinary-then it becomes even more insane. This Thanksgiving proved to be no exception. Toss in an […]


Finally settling myself down to write a post paddle wrap up blog. It’s been a flurry of activity since I wrapped up on Friday, the 22nd of August in Newark. Thank goodness for Bill Schultz and Lorraine for escorting me across the Raritan Bay and up the Arthur Kill and into Newark-so easy to get […]

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