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The ocean needs YOU now more than ever before! Please join me in a short paddle adventure around the Peninsula of NJ, from Trenton to Newark. I’ll be paddling down the Delaware, up our beautiful coast, into the Raritan Bay and up the Passaic River into Newark. Together with other NJ conservation groups and individuals, this project of Blue Frontier hopes to make a big stink for our watersheds, rivers, bays, and ocean. Help us get the word out and please feel free to donate!


August 21st – Thursday was a perfect day on the ocean. I got to see a couple of dolphins but it wasn’t a dramatic sighting like some days, just dolphins swimming past as I paddled and contemplated the end of the trip. Going past Sandy Hook, there was a wicked current. It’s always easier to […]


Even though this trip – Trenton to Newark – is a lot shorter than my original plans to take an inland route through the Great Lakes and onto Chicago, it’s been a great affirmation of all the things I’ve learned in the past about undertaking these journeys.   This will help me prepare better to do […]


Gorgeous day on the ocean yesterday! Saw cow nosed rays sliding below me, more swarms of bunker, and even a leatherback turtle at the Little Egg Inlet. Poor thing looked a little startled to see me. Was thankful for yesterday’s lodgings at the chair of our South Jersey Chapter of Surfrider Foundation’s awesome home as […]

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