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The ocean needs YOU! As the DC Chapter of Surfrider Foundation noted, saving our ocean is an “upstream battle!!” Help me connect the drops upstream to our river and watershed brothers and sisters in a two part journey from New York City to New Orleans. This project of Blue Frontier needs your help to increase the volume and variety of voices speaking out on behalf of the ocean. No ocean, no us. Hit the “donate” button up top for info on how best to donate!

My mother's amazing donation.

  Today I was in a bit of a slump. I’ll fess up, it’s pretty much my own doing…I’ve been a very reluctant fundraiser. So while I was kvetching to a friend about my less than stellar performance of rustling up the dollars for this paddle and for the great and important work that Blue […]


In a previous blog I mentioned how I had serious misgivings about going to this year’s Carolina Cup and doing my favorite race, appropriately named, ” The Graveyard.” I was out of shape, had spent way too much time on my butt, ate too much, had too much to do…blah blah. Basically I had a […]

hanging at the medic tent

The Carolina Cup is like a huge SUP ohana reunion. The stoke is unbelievable. The pros all come out to this and mingle with us “regular” folk. They clearly are as stoked as the rest of us for this event, even tho for many of them it means leaving their homes in HI to come […]

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